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CP Royalties, LLC specializes in the purchase of producing and non-producing mineral rights, oil royalties and gas royalties, overriding royalties and working interests in oil and natural gas formations throughout the United States. The founding Principals are investment professionals with over 25 years of combined institutional investment experience and have successfully closed in excess of $200 million of transactions in the energy, real estate and mineral estate sectors. CP Royalties has averaged over 50 successful transactions per year since its inception in 2010. Our capital partners consist of specialized funds, family offices and institutions, therefore no interest is too large or too small. When you’re looking to sell mineral rights, our team of expert Principals will be there to assist you through the entire process.

If you are looking to sell your mineral rights or oil and gas royalties, CP Royalties will spend the necessary time to make sure we have a complete understanding of what you own so that you receive our best possible offer. As oil and gas royalty buyers, our Principals maintain in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry and, in most cases, can evaluate opportunities and present offers to sellers within 1-3 days of receiving the details. In some cases, we can close in as little as 15-30 days. When you sell your mineral rights, a lump-sum payment is provided at closing, typically in the form of a wire transfer or certified check. Our process for evaluating your mineral rights, oil royalties and gas royalties ensures that you receive a fair market price and our best possible offer.

Additional Mineral Rights Information

Mineral Rights are property rights allowing the holder to utilize the area for its minerals. Types of minerals typically include organic and inorganic substances that are part of the soil. These rights also traditionally include hydrocarbon resources like oil and natural gases. Through owning mineral rights, you maintain the ability to sell and profit from any minerals extracted beneath the property.

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There are many reasons that prompt people to sell their mineral rights. Some of the most common reasons to sell are the need for immediate cash to pay bills, retirement, emergency expenses, college tuition, other investment opportunities, complexity of managing royalties, tax savings, as well as for estate issues and liquidation.

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For many first-time sellers, the sale process can be a bit intimidating. Don’t worry; our team is here to guide and support you in every step of the mineral rights selling process. Typically, we are able to evaluate sale opportunities and present our offers to sellers within 1-3 business days of receiving the required detailed information, and, in many cases have the ability to close a deal in as little as 15-30 days.

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Many states are rich in minerals, and we buy in many different areas because of this.

We specifically target purchasing mineral rights, gas royalties and oil royalties in the following states:

Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming

We purchase a variety of mineral rights formations. A brief examply of the types of formations we target are:

Anadarko Basin, Bakken Shale, Barnett Shale, Eaglebine Shale, Eagleford Shale, Fayetteville Shale, Granite Wash, Marcellus Shale, Mississippian / Mississippi Limestone, Niobrara Shale, Permian Basin, Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, Utica Shale, Woodford Shale

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